Fha 203 H Loan

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Know Your Options - FHA 203h The Section 203(h) program allows The federal housing administration (FHA) provides home financing to victims of a major disaster who have had their homes substantially damaged or flooded.

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The Section 203(h) program allows the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure mortgages made by qualified lenders to victims of a major disaster who have lost their homes and are in the process of rebuilding or buying another home.

In the wake of 2017 natural disasters like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has published this year’s FEMA-listed federal disaster areas, which become eligible for a variety of relief measures once that designation is made for an affected area.

Gateway Mortgage’s FHA 203(h) loan is specifically designed to help people who have endured life-changing events that occur in a Presidentially Declared major disaster area (pdmda). This government-backed loan is a great first step to help when it is time to rebuild, repair and recover.

What Is an FHA 203(h) Mortgage? The FHA has a wide variety of home loan products, but it’s easy to assume that an FHA loan is just for people searching for their first home, trying to refinance, or looking to purchase another home after having sold their previous one.

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