Leland Olds Station

Snapshot. Leland Olds Station has 23 groundwater monitoring wells, 21 of which have been polluted above federal advisory levels based on samples collected between May 26, 2010 and October 08, 2012.

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Location: Four miles southeast of Stanton, ND. Plant description: Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Leland Olds Station is a lignite-based electric generating station with one pulverized wall-fired boiler and one cyclone boiler.

21/01/2019  · Each year at our Annual Meeting, we share a video focused on different facets of cooperative social responsibility at Basin Electric and in our membership.

Keeping up with regulatory requirements At its leland olds station location, managers felt the existing maintenance system wasn’t able to keep up with regulatory requirements and the company’s vision for implementing a world-class maintenance strategy.

Leland Olds Station The Leland Olds Station is Basin Electric’s first power plant. The station was named for former federal power commission chairman, Leland Olds.

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Two children were killed in Leland, mississippi … vehicle floating in nearby Deer Creek and were able to rescue the 2-year-old girl before it floated downstream, the news station reported. “As the v…

Stanton Station, which was near Stanton in Mercer County before it was demolished last fall, had levels of arsenic 18 times greater than considered safe, molybdenum at twice safe levels. Leland Olds S…

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